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Paul Taylor began his DJ'ing career as a DAT dj in the season of '96 in Goa. Travelling back and forth between Goa and the U.K , he also spent the late nineties running a Trance record shop on London's Portobello Road. By 1998 Paul had began to play
for some of London's major party groups:- (Kundalini, Escape From Samsara, Enlightenment etc),and was rapidly gaining a following within the booming U.K scene of the time.
In 2000 he joined TIPWorld records as a label DJ/Co A&R ,and for the next two years became to be known internationally, as both a TIP DJ, and for his track selection on compilations. In 2002, he left London to live in Ibiza , and spent the next 3 years co-producing music with artists such as Earthling, Soundaholics, CampoSonic (Celli Earthing, Bushman and Paul Taylor). Whilst in Ibiza he also joined Spun Records as Label Dj and A&R, and compiled the top selling Spun Compilation:'Tweakers'. Paul has co-produced tracks with some of the leading artists in the scene such as Wizzy Noise, Joti Sidhu and Psysex. His DJ compilations include Time and Space 1&2 (Maia Recs. Mexico), Tweakers (Spun), Freedom Fighters (Crystal Matrix Recs). His first Artist album: "HIGH LIFE" received excellent reviews and sold out soon after it's December 2008 release...this album defined a whole new sound in the Psy Trance scene, which was further explored in his 2009 release: "PURITY".
Both Albums having served as catalysts in redefining the ever changing sound of the World's Trance Scene. So after getting so much positive feedback from both Producers and Fans, it seemed a logical progression to commission some of Paul's favorite fellow Producers to undertake Remixes of various tracks from these last 2 releases.

The concept behind these Remixes was to once again "push the boat right out" with the Minimalistic Full-On formula ,so successfully introduced in those last two albums.

Producers such as Tron, Mental Broadcast, Chameleon and Kronic , were chosen for their ability to bring something new and extra to the table,and to breathe 2010/2011 production standards into these well proven dancefloor hits . Upon having heard the first remixes come in, Paul was so impressed and inspired, that he decided to write a further 4 original new tracks to complement these Remixes ,thus creating a combined ReMix and new material release to be known as "REDUX".

Once again this release looks set to raise the bar higher yet again, adding a further chapter in Paul's ongoing re-invention of the Psy Trance medium.
Due out late February 2011 on Kundalini Records U.K.... CD available through all worldwide outlets and Digital Download via Beatport, I-tunes , Trackitdown and all the usual Download Portals.

Standby for Paul Taylor tour dates for the REDUX World Tour beginning late Feb.2011.